11″x14″ Art Tile – The Tree of Life By Gustav Klimt

October 11th, 2010 Posted in Gustav Klimt

This ceramic art hand painted tile will be a lovely decoration for any room, business office, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, childrens room, living room, museum, and gallery. Each tile comes with a black felt-like material backing with a wall hook so you can immediately hang on the wall. It can also be used as an actual ceramic tile by easily removing the backing. Soak the tile in either tap or hot water. If using tap water to soak the tile, leave the tile overnight and the backing will loosen. If using hot water to soak the tile the backing will loosen with in few hours. Then you can permanently affix the tile like any ceramic tile. The tile has two dimensional contour lines that are hard to see by the picture image alone. The actual art tile has elevated outlines that you can feel with your hands, almost like reliefs. The hand painted ceramic is unique in its clear glazed shiny finish. It will sparkle as it reflects any lighting through the transparent glass-like glaze which is unlike photo copies or pictures. It is very classy, elegant and luxurious that will brighten up any room. Every art tiles from EN VOGUE-ART ON TILES are hand-painted by highly skilled crafts artist.

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