Regine & Jaclyn Amazing Vocal Pipes 2

September 1st, 2010 Posted in Famous Art

In response to these Anti-Regine Velasquez and Filipino singers videos. TheIostboy84 SupezInggo SupezInggo Only fans are competing. let the new generation shine coz Regine is already what she is now, a treasured Diva. During the 1980s, when voices are mostly strong and rich, she was the only Filipina who sang with a sweet voice but surprises with unbelievably super high crescendoes that set the standards to filipino singers and contestants to sing with their most powerful voice, and high notes. She was the first filipina to win the Asia Pacific Song Festival, she was handpiced to be Kim in Miss Saigon by Cameron Macintosh without rigorous auditions unlike Lea who went through it( but her dad declined due to dome kissing scenes),she is the first filipino to have a concert in the prestigious Carnegie hall( Where famous international artists performed), she guested in the famous David letterman show, She had a concert with Barbra Streisand’s legendary composer the great Michel Legrand, and sang with different international icons like Mandy Moore, Brian cKnight, etc. did command performances for royalties like the Sultan of Brunei, and the only filipina at that time to enter the international market selling her own albums, that is why she was named Asia’s Songbird, she was also included in Wikipedia as one of the Sfogato Sopranos(highest in lyric sopranos) together with the legendary La divina of the opera Maria Callas, and

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