Kitani Mohabbat Hai – Full Episode (EP # 4)

March 31st, 2012 Posted in Famous Art

After a tiresome wait of 5 hours in the scorching heat without a drop of water, they are called inside. Mittal tells DK Punj about Hari Prasad and that he is a very useful man for them. He is famous not just in Shimla but also in all neighboring cities. They have to get him on their side. DK makes an offer to Hari Prasad to sing in the function held at his place that night and he will pay him more than his 2 years salary. Hariprasad flatly refuses saying he shares his art but doesnt sell it. Everyone is stunned at his reply. DK tells Mittal they have to be very careful with this man because he has immense self-respect and isnt scared of anyone. But right now, they have to find his weakness to get him under control. Meanwhile, Salil lands up at Hariprasads place to meet his professor but Purvi, who is alone at home trying to mend a broken tap, assumes him to be the plumber. Salil is awestruck by her beauty and instantly falls in love with her. Antara, who has been waiting to go to the grand Punj-Mittal party that night, is disappointed when she comes to know that her father refused the proposal to sing at their party. Mallika senses this, instigates her further and invites her to go with her and Yash. She also gets a dress for Antara. Hariprasad wonders if he did the right thing by refusing the proposal. Arohi tells him that what he did was absolutely correct. Hariprasad tells Arohi that she is just like her mother. Salil cannot stop talking about Purvi, the girl he met

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