singapore biennale 2011

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The Singapore Biennale 2011

Featuring 60 artists from 30 countries, the third Singapore Biennale, titled ‘Open House’, will be open to the public from 13 March to 15 May 2011 Over half of the artists are creating new commissions or premiering new works Open House’ is presented across four exhibition singapore biennale 2011  each with their own particular character, that draw upon emblematic spaces in Singapore: Housing Development Board flats  Singapore Art Museum and 8Q  shopping centres and night markets  National Museum of Singapore  and international air and sea ports (Old Kallang Airport). Major art works at Marina Bay will amplify individual experience in the city singapore biennale 2011

Contemporary art often emerges out of a need to communicate across such thresholds of difference that may be experiential, psychological, or grounded in social and political hierarchies. As such, artists’ practices are not simply about something in the world, they are real attempts to exchange information, translate experiences and even trade places. Borders may be guarded with force, yet artists find ways to embed themselves within such systems of control, turning unspoken desires toward unexpected ends. Sometimes artists displace or exchange objects, materials and information from one context to another, revealing unexpected connections between culturally divergent situations. The labour of constructing or deconstructing common objects and materials highlight the creative potential in seemingly mundane situations, suggesting fresh ways of seeing the world.Singapore Biennale 2011

singapore biennale 2011

Singapore is a cosmopolitan city located at the heart of Southeast Asia. Bustling with spectacular festivals and world-class events, Singapore is a leading destination for both business and leisure travellers.The dynamic and multi-cultural city offers a rich blend of ethnic and historical heritage, appetising Asian cuisine and great shopping places. Singapore’s excellent infrastructure enables visitors to access all major attractions in a safe, clean and green environment.

Artists singapore biennale 2011

Song-Ming Ang Old Kallang Airport
Leonor Antunes Old Kallang Airport
Michael Beutler Old Kallang Airport
Candice Breitz SAM at 8Q
Genevieve Chua Old Kallang Airport
Tiffany Chung National Museum of Singapore
Phil Collins Old Kallang Airport
Louie Cordero Singapore Art Museum
Marcos Corrales Special Projects
Martin Creed Old Kallang Airport
Elmgreen & Dragset Old Kallang Airport
Omer Fast SAM at 8Q
Ceal Floyer SAM at 8Q & Old Kallang Airport
Simon Fujiwara Singapore Art Museum
Julian Göthe Singapore Art Museum
Goto Design Special Projects
Sheela Gowda Old Kallang Airport
Kyungah Ham Old Kallang Airport
Roslisham Ismail aka Ise SAM at 8Q
Teppei Kaneuji National Museum of Singapore
Gülsün Karamustafa SAM at 8Q
Leopold Kessler National Museum of Singapore &
Old Kallang Airport
Koh Nguang How SAM at 8Q
Charles LaBelle Old Kallang Airport
Michael Lee Old Kallang Airport
Charles Lim Old Kallang Airport
Michael Lin Old Kallang Airport
John Low Old Kallang Airport
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer Old Kallang Airport
Robert MacPherson Old Kallang Airport
Tala Madani National Museum of Singapore
Jill Magid National Museum of Singapore &
Old Kallang Airport
Dane Mitchell Old Kallang Airport
Tracey Moffatt Old Kallang Airport
Matt Mullican SAM at 8Q
Mike Nelson Old Kallang Airport
Tatzu Nishi Marina Bay
Sopheap Pich National Museum of Singapore
The Propeller Group National Museum of Singapore
Rubén Ramos Balsa Old Kallang Airport
Lisi Raskin Old Kallang Airport
Navin Rawanchaikul National Museum of Singapore
Stuart Ringholt SAM at 8Q
Liisa Roberts Special Projects
Martha Rosler Old Kallang Airport
ruangrupa National Museum of Singapore
Arin Rungjang Old Kallang Airport
Mark Salvatus SAM at 8Q
Charles Sandison Old Kallang Airport
Gigi Scaria National Museum of Singapore
Shao Yinong and Muchen National Museum of Singapore
Taryn Simon Old Kallang Airport
Nedko Solakov Old Kallang Airport
Beat Streuli National Museum of Singapore
Shooshie Sulaiman SAM at 8Q
Superflex National Museum of Singapore
Tan Pin Pin SAM at 8Q
Ryan Trecartin Singapore Art Museum
Danh Vo Old Kallang Airport
Charlie White National Museum of Singapore
Gosia Wlodarczak Old Kallang Airport
Ming Wong Old Kallang Airport
Zai Kuning Special Projects

Visit Old Kallang Airport

singapore biennale 2011

30. March 2011
After more than 50 years, the Singapore Biennale 2011 Old Kallang Airport reason their doors and welcome visitors to reopen. present with more than half (32 of 63) of SB Artists Works invites Old Kallang Airport do all the works of art and explore every nook and cranny in the process.
The entrance to the old Kallang Airport is free. Shuttle buses will be daily from Singapore Art Museum from 11 clock. Daily shuttle bus between planningoffices of the Biennale is on the left column, or check with the reception of the museum.
If you drive a car or by public transport, more info on getting to Old Kallang Airport is available

Old Kallang Airport – Opened in 1937 as Singapore’s first civilian airport and operated until 1955, it was later converted to become the early headquarters of the People’s Association headquarters.

Prime Minister Visits The Merlion Hotel

28. March 2011
landmark of Singapore has welcomed the Prime Minister of Singapore Mr Lee Hsien Loong on 11 March 2011. The Merlion is now part of the Merlion Hotel – one of the works commissioned for this edition of the Singapore Biennale.
The visit was marked by the signing on PM Lee’s book Merlion Hotel. View PM Notes signed the guestbook Hotel Merlion

From left: Mr Giovanni Viterale, General Manager, The Fullerton Heritage; Mr Toni Krein, Director, Head Corporate Cultural Sponsorship, Credit Suisse Zurich; Mr Tan Boon Hui, Director, Singapore Art Museum, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong and Mr Matthew Ngui, Artistic Director, Singapore Biennale 2011.

singapore biennale 2011

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