Picasso, art and doors

June 13th, 2011 Posted in ebook Art

Doors have always been a fascinating subject. Take the artist Picasso for instance and his famous painting the Las Meninas. Picasso’s artwork made use of the framework of large oak doors. Oak doors and pine doors in modern art or classical paintings are symbols of new beginnings, an entrance or a separation, which is what doors can reflect in your home.
Doors have special significance in art; in the sixteenth century during the romantic and symbolist movements you are able to determine if the doors are internal or external doors while relating to life itself. Just like artwork, aesthetics are important when you choose external doors as it can reflect your own personality or make a bold statement.
French doors of oak or pine is a great way to add a touch of grandeur and elegance while making more use of inside and outside space. A dining room with fitted French external doors that have been modernised can be a feature of a room and can be used frequently for entertaining guests in the garden or on the decking at the back of a house.
Modern designs of French internal doors can be used as an internal feature to link sections of rooms and bring together separate areas. Both external and internal doors are taken for granted and often underestimated in the role they have when architects design a house. Interior doors can be used to provide sound proofing for teenagers who play their music loudly and can help a person who is a light sleeper.
Some people invest in good quality double glazed windows and forget that oak doors are not only sturdy but they are great at keeping out noise. Tip: Adding an internal door to separate a kitchen from a dining room makes room for multi tasking, as a study or a child’s playroom. At Kaybee Doors our Oak and Pine doors come in both traditional and modern designs.

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