“The Front” A Battlefield Bad Company 2 Music Video, Nine Inch Nails – Just Like You Imagined

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When it comes to online FPS experiences at the front, DICE stands far ahead of everyone else. Note: A lot of people seemed to be confused as to how I obtained the freeze frame portions at the beginning and the end of the video. DICE had released a trailer for the PS3 beta back in November, and that’s where I got them. YouTube link: www.youtube.com Gametrailers link (HD downloadable): www.gametrailers.com

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GT5 Montage Video – “Moon Over the Castle V2″ -

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TGS2010 trailers are included. I love Polyphony Digital!

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BATTLEFIELD 3 MONTAGE | Objectivetage “Play the Objective or GTFO” by Shibby2142

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Slow Motion Hummingbirds 5 Canon HD+High Speed Casio EX-F1

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A montage of HD and high speed footage showing these fascinating little birds from 1/4 to 1/40 actual (realtime) speed. Cameras placed in a number of different angles give some new perspectives, and a top-down angle shows the bird lapping-up the nectar with what appears to be a forked tongue! Who knew? :-) Some great chases and flying scenes round out this video. HD semi-slow-motion (1/4 realtime) video shot with a Canon HF100, Slow motion (1/10 – 1/40 realtime) lower res footage shot with a Casio EX-F1. As it turns out, the first half of this video, which was shot with a Canon HF100 HD camcorder and high-speed shutter, makes it LOOK like the wings are sometimes bending and beating alternately, but that is in fact an effect of the CMOS scan and shutter. The last half of this video (from 1:33 on) was filmed with a Casio EX-F1 high speed/slow motion camera, and shows the wing movement more accurately – they do indeed beat in parallel rather than alternately. :-) The soundtrack features new music “TimeWarp” from Technician (your’s truly),MP3 downloads and CDs available on the Technician Website: technician.jcmdi.com Note This is copyrighted material, however, you may download this footage directly from YouTube and use it free of charge in your own non-profit/non-commercial YouTube videos. The full free usage policy, partner ads and copyright notice/claim info can be found here: jcmdi.com and jcmdi.com (please read both sections before using JCMDI material – thanks!)

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Photoshop Cs5 Tutorial: Change the Background

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Photoshop Cs5 Tutorial: Change the Background This is a photoshop tutorial. Change the backgroung at your’s images. Music: David Guetta – Getting Over you Thanks for Watching . Tony7gr More photoshop tutorials? – visit my channel.

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Elvis Presley & Martina McBride – Behind The Scenes

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The new video from the Elvis Presley Christmas Duets CD. Using state of the art technology, a new video for the Elvis and Martina McBride duet of “Blue Christmas” takes you back some 40 years ago to when Elvis first recorded this song, only this time, with Martina joining him. Now see how it was done. Take a look at this behind the scenes video!

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Tips on Pencil Portrait Drawing – Composition

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Digital Montage

Composition refers to the manner in which your subjects are positioned relative to each other on the page. More formally, it is the arrangement of forms and spaces within the format of the page.

* Balance

The main characteristic of a good composition is that it creates a feeling of balance in the viewer’s mind. This balance should be present on at least two levels:

First, there is the balance of position. This means that the forms and spaces out of which the portrait is made up should be balanced relative to the vertical and the horizontal going through the center of the page.

Second, there should also be a balance with respect to value. The darks and lights should balance each other out in an overall sense. In other words, having too much black on one side or a complete lack of it is not the recommended course to take.

* Experiment

Having said that, do not be afraid to experiment with the distribution of forms, spaces, and values. Sometimes an unexpected deviation from the perfect balance gives excitement and interest to a drawing.

Follow your artistic sensibility. With practice, this sensibility can be developed and soon you will acquire a natural sense for good composition and how and where to surprise the viewer.

* Shapes

When considering the composition of your drawing you should think in terms of four major shapes: the triangle, the circle, the rectangle, and the square. Any of those shapes can be the point of interest of your portrait.

All other shapes should be arranged in support of that point of interest. Essentially, this means that the viewer should be led or guided towards the intended focal point of the drawing.

* Focal Point

One common compositional mistake occurs when the subject matter outside of the focal point is arranged in such a manner that the viewer is led in a direction away from the center of interest. In other words, the viewer is discouraged from looking at the area the artist thought was the most interesting.

In this regard we should remember that in the West, the viewer’s eye tends to enter a drawing or a painting from the left (just as we do when we read from left to right). Therefore, a good composition often has an entry point on the left of the drawing and from there leads the viewer’s eye to the focal point.

* Detail

The focal point should also be the area where you add the most detail to your portrait drawing. Areas deemed less important can be less developed and left to be finished by the viewer’s imagination.

Don’t forget, a portrait drawing should not be a copy of the photograph. Ideally, the personality of both the subject and the artist should be reflected in the end product.

* Check Balance

Another way of assessing whether or not you have a good composition is to cover up one shape or another and see if it improves the balance or not. A good composition is such that if you remove one shape, the whole drawing is clearly thrown out of balance. If you feel that by removing a certain part of your drawing the balance improves, by all means, leave that part out.

Much more can be said about composition. Entire volumes have been written about compositional rules and processes. However, developing the idea of balance on the levels of position and value will give you a very good start.

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♥Electro House Mix 2011 December [Part 17] (HD)♥

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BITTE LESEN !!!!! PLS READ !!!! hey hey hey…. der 17te Electro House Mix ist online :) [by Senatix aka Senaax] mit 6 electro dance tracks ;) ) etwas länger hats gedauert ;) but now here we gooooo =) _____________________________________________________ Soundcloud [ soundcloud.com ] Facebook Fanpage [ www.facebook.com ] Picture Link [ zoomgirls.net _____________________________________________________ tracklist gibt es bei 20 LIKES ;) tracklist will be released if 20 people click on the I LIKE button ;) danke für 800 ABOS =)) *happy* :D thanks for 800 SUBS =)) *happy* :D _____________________________________________________ Equipment : – Traktor Pro 2 – Reloop Digital Jockey 2 Master Edition – RHP 10 – RMP 2 – Reloop Spin 2 _____________________________________________________ Bei diesem Video handelt es sich um eine eigenständig erstellte Montage, die urheberrechtlich geschütztes Material beinhaltet. Nach §51 des deutschen Gesetzes über Urheberrecht und verwandte Schutzrechte (Urheberrechtsgesetz) ist die “Vervielfältigung, Verbreitung und öffentliche Wiedergabe eines veröffentlichten Werkes zum Zweck des Zitats” zulässig, wenn “einzelne Stellen eines erschienenen Werkes der Musik in einem selbständigen Werk der Musik angeführt werden.” Diese hier gezeigte Show wird nicht kommerziell genutzt. !!!

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Calvin Kayce – Prepare for Defqon.1 2011

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MY FACEBOOK PAGE : www.facebook.com ________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION : Defqon.1 2011 : Montage and audio mix by myself . Video : Defqon.1 2010 ( © Q-dance ). 30 hours of work to complete this montage. Tracklist : 01- Iz – Somewhere Over The Rainbow 02- Wildstylez & Ran-D – Future Shock (Calvin Kayce Cut Edit) 03- Digital Punk & Noisecontrollers -Blue Horizon 04- Coone Ft. Zatox – Audio Attack 05- E-force – Remote Control 06- Psyko Punkz Vs. MC Villain -Psyko Soldier 07- Toneshifterz & Bioweapon – Fearful Symmetry (Re- Hard’s Summer Refixx) 08- Nosferatu Ft. The Viper – Hate On Yourself © A² Records, Dirty Workz, Scantraxx Recordz, Fusion Records, Enzyme. Defqon.1 is organised by Q-dance and takes place on June 25th at Evenemententerrein Biddinghuizen (NL) More info : events.q-dance.nl www.q-dance.com See you the 25th of june @ DEFQON.1 !_______________________________________________ SUPPORT & PROMOTION Please subscribe the artists, the labels & me too, to be informed about my last uploads. I Will Not Give Away Any Download Links ! ________________________________________________ COPYRIGHT NOTICE: If you are the owner of the track or the official label, please send me a private message via youtube to delete the track except of contacting youtube ! I will accept your decision and i will delete the track as soon as possible.

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NaDeSHoT’s Black Ops Quickscoping Tutorial- Powered by SteelSeries

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Previous Video: www.youtube.com Nadeshot – How to quick scope on Black Ops – Evil Controllers Hey guys, this is nadeshots sniping tutorial for you, like the video to see more from nadeshot! Check out his channel for more exlcusive videos! www.youtube.com www.twitter.com facebook.com NadeshotUpdateoptic nation gaming opticgaming opticnation opticnadeshot opticnad3shot nad3 nade Predator modern warfare leaked info gameplay ninja defuse mw2 snd h3cz sniper montage mp5k 50cal acog footage Sniper Montage by OpTic H3CZ .50cal hecz dtreats hutchisyodaddy zzirgrizz max song vegas adobe photoshop cs4 ps3 xbox 360 hack search and destroy Modern Warfare Gameplay amazing knife throw EVIL CONTROLLERS EVILCONTROLLERS STICKS SKINS SKINZ DIGITAL CAMO RATE OF FIRE RAPID

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