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Claude Monet

French art has played a crucial role in many art movements, both past and present. It is perhaps best known for its influence in impressionism and the importance of the French capital, Paris, to the art world. Paris’ Louvre Museum has retained its status as one of the premier spots for art appreciation in the world and even houses The Mona Lisa, one of the world’s most famous paintings.

The key periods of French art include Prehistoric, Medieval, Renaissance & Mannerism, Baroque & Classicism, Rococo & Neoclassicism, 19th & 20th Century Contemporary movements.

The Merovingian dynasty of the Franks was significant in France and Germany., from the fifth century to the eighth century. The Merovingian period of the fifth century began a change in French art which was to continue up to the present day, with new movements being created all the time.

Merovingian’s catalyst for art development was continued on with Carolingian art over a 120-year period from 750 to 900. After Carolingian rule closed around 900, there was little more development or production of significant French art movements for some 60 years. France became a divided country at this point and there were not the right conditions for artistic creativity. The 10th and 11th centuries were dominated by local monastries who took a significant role in France’s art production at that stage.

Prior to the respected Gothic period that was the Romanesque art of Western Europe for around two hundred and fifty years, from 1000 A.D. to the middle of the 12th century in France. The name refers to the influence of, and return to, Roman styles and principles in architecture and art which this movement used.

Gothic art and architecture then took over French are for around 300 years. Whilst originating here, it actually spread quickly to other parts of Europe. The later International Gothic style had less of a reliance and prominence of religion than its former, and it then went onto the further develop from there into Renaissance art. Gothic art included sculpture, panel painting, stained glass, fresco, and illuminated manuscript most prominently.

The French invasion of Italy in the late 15th century allowed the influence of the Renaissance to fully take hold of France’s art direction and leave a mark which remains strong even today.

The French Revolution and the Napoleonic wars brought in new influences which helped to push Renaissance art into new directions and bridge the gap between Renaissance art and the later styles of Romanticism and later Impressionism.

Romanticism brought French landscape painting to the forefront and later led to Gustave Courbet and the Barbizon school as key markers in the further changes to the status quo. The late 19th century brought French Symbolism from Gustave Moreau, the professor of Matisse and Rouault, as well as Odilon Redon.

Impressionism brought an array of French art to the forefront, led by Claude Monet and his use of landscapes and carefully prepared gardens to develop artistic coverage of light changes and vivid paintings. It started the progress towards the many new styles that we have today.

For contemporary art, Impressionism, Cubism, Dada, Expressionism & Surrealism have roots in French art. The early years of the twentieth century were dominated by experiments in colour and content which Impressionism and Post-Impressionism had unleashed. This led to the likes of cubism and fauvism, which themselves have inspired some of the new art movements that appear even today.

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We Are The World 25 For Haiti “Names of Artists”

February 24th, 2012 No Comments   Posted in Famous Art » Watch the video together with the names of the artists who sang the remake of “We Are The World” » Veja o video acompanhado dos nomes dos artistas que cantaram no remake de “We Are The World” » Vea el vídeo junto con los nombres de los artistas que cantaron la nueva versión de “We Are The World” Artists • Justin Bieber • Nicole Scherzinger • Jennifer Hudson • Jennifer Nettles • Josh Groban • Tony Bennett • Mary J. Blige • Michael Jackson • Janet Jackson • Barbra Streisand • Miley Cyrus • Enrique Iglesias • Jamie Foxx • Wyclef Jean • Adam Levine • P!nk • BeBe Winans • Usher • Celine Dion • Fergie • Nick Jonas • Toni Braxton • Mary Mary • Isaac Slade • Lil Wayne • Akon • T-Pain • LL Cool J • • Snoop Dogg • Busta Rhymes • Swizz Beatz • Iyaz • Kanye West

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An Artist’s Recipe For Life

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Be insouciant with a smile. Laugh on purpose. Lie in the dark field and watch comets. Look danger in the eye with unwavering mirth. Wink, flirt, kiss and admire romance and beauty in others. Feel the grass, the wind, the sun and the emotions of all.

Laugh at Dream Stealers as you would a puppy attack. Play with them and tumble them with a flick of your toe. Make notes of your good dreams and forget the bad ones. Create images in the clouds, in your own mind and in the minds of others; illusion begins reality. Take bubble bath showers in the warm summer rain or a full moon, sometimes with a friend. Walk the beach.

Remember: it is your imagination that controls the future and you that control your imagination. Believe in magic, especially your own. Play with children and direct their future in the direction they wish to thrive into. Listen to old people then make your own decisions. Never throw your dreams away for they may save your life some day. Visualize excellence, yours and those you love.

Be always interested in others, as interest and attention are of the greatest value to all beings, based on scarcity alone! If you would pay a compliment to another, pay attention. Being interested is in all ways senior to being interesting. Exchange in abundance, give far more than you get. Give most of all your own personal interest in another, with rapt and penetrating attention in a loving way.

Create new idea fashions and newly realized realities by sharing your dreams with others. Desire Delight with Dignity. Purposely dream wonderful extremes with numerous perceptions. Flesh out your dreams with motion, color, sound, feelings, taste, smells, and more. Tell your stories according to the way you remember them, not necessarily the way they happened. Others have their versions too, but are they any more valuable than yours?

The body and swords will weaken and rust. The pike and mind will dull and bend. The will and spirit may remain most powerful, no matter how dire and overwhelming the adversity. Therefore, retain your integrity, hold your position when you know you are right. Your spiritual well-being supersedes the value of your physical well being. Some wait until they are on the death bed to realize these things! You can realize them now if you want to. Enjoy. Do well. Flourish. Prosper. Help others first and yourself last. It’s like table manners in life!

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Original Art, a small investment but full of artists, buyers and society

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Art History

novice collectors do not understand their investment when buying original art, and need help to understand the investment behind the possible outcome. If you have never participated in such an investment purchase is also recognized the law relating to performance rather than artists, but also society and the buyer.

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The Artist’s Garden in Argenteuil Framed Art Poster Print by Claude Monet, 30×23

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The Artist’s Garden in Argenteuil Framed Art Poster Print by Claude Monet, 30×23 Review

Brighten up any space with high quality framed and ready to hang art prints. The Artist’s Garden in Argenteuil is just one that helps you create effortless style and adds character to any room.

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The Artist’s Garden in Argenteuil Framed Art Poster Print by Claude Monet, 30×23

The Artist’s Garden in Argenteuil Framed Art Poster Print by Claude Monet, 30×23

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Artists of Gdansk: the shipyard that brought bottomward communism

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Marcel Theroux visits Poland’s famous shipyard to find out how the strikes and political protests of the 1980s inspired a generation of Gdansk artists

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Flower Art – Why Artists Love to Paint Flowers

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Image :

Over the centuries many artists have tried to convey the beauty of flowers by using different styles, techniques and media. Each interpreting the powerful colors, shapes and movement in their own personal way.

Unfortunately, most blooms have a short life. However, artists around the world have preserved their beauty forever. Some of the most celebrated paintings from well-known artists are of flowers. The many colors, forms and shapes ensure endless diversity. This is why flower paintings have always been beloved by artists and buyers.

Between the 17th and 19th century flower paintings were very popular, they were seen everywhere. Garments, fabrics, interiors and furnishings were adorned with floral designs.

Jan Brueghel the Younger (1601-1678) was an important pioneer of floral still life. His elaborate paintings were composed with imagination and splendid precision. He glorified the beauty of nature through his paintings.

Claude Monet was one of the creators of French Impressionism. His concern was to reflect the influence of light on a subject. He’s most famous for his beautiful paintings inspired by his gardens at Giverny. As the gardens increased in complexity, Monet’s flower paintings consumed his attention. His paintings are bright, colorful and distinctive. This has helped to keep his flower paintings among the most popular images of all time.

Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch post-Impressionist painter born on 30 March 1853. In his short life he created some remarkable works of art and is now widely regarded as one of history’s greatest painters. He’s most famous for his self-portraits, landscapes, portraits, and sunflowers. It was Van Gogh‘s love of nature that inspired him to paint flowers. He would choose the flowers based on the season, style and color. However, color was his main concern and flowers helped him to experiment endlessly. Irises, lilacs, roses and oleanders are just some of the delightful flowers he painted.

Van Gogh‘s still life paintings of sunflowers are his most popular paintings of flowers and he was very proud of them. Sunflowers had a special significance for Van Gogh. He made eleven paintings of them. Yellow, for him, represented happiness and the sunflower was a symbol of devotion and loyalty in Dutch literature.

Flowers have long been admired by artists around the world. They have been considered among the most beautiful things nature has to offer and for that reason flower paintings will continue indefinitely.

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Master Artists

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Image :

Master artists refers to the most famous artists over generations and centuries. Typically master artists is a term which refers to oil painters, normally in the post-middle ages. With being from the English language, Master artists also normally covers western artists, from the best known art movements. These can be renaissance, impressionist and more contemporary artists.

Famous artists from each major art movement of the last 500 years remain household names, but the emphasis is always on the newest ones. From the traditional art movements such as Renaissance and Baroque most people will still know about the likes of Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rubens, Titian, Rubens and Vermeer. They are all certainly respected as masters of their craft.

More recently the likes of Vincent Van Gogh and Claude Monet were involved in the impressionist and post-impressionist movements. Abstract art then took hold and has drawn a big crowd of followers around the world. Masters of abstract art include the likes of Kandinsky and Mondrian.

The umbrella of contemporary art has also given us artists such as Andy Warhol, David Hockney and Robert Lichtenstein. Another movement of Cubism brought us the hugely famous Pablo Picasso. Surrealist art then gave birth to Salvador Dali. These artists are all hugely popular even today and laid the path of success for the art styles in which they were involved.

Art is full of master artists for every different direction that is has travelled over the past 500 years and many more will be added to the halls of fame in future as new methods and techniques emerge.

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Check Out 120 Piece Deluxe Young Artists Art Set for $6.99

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120 Piece Deluxe Young Artists Art Set Review

120 Piece Deluxe Young Artists Art Set Feature

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120 Piece Deluxe Young Artists Art Set Overview

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