11″ X 14″ Hand Painted Decorative Ceramic Tile Art – Gustav

October 12th, 2010 No Comments   Posted in Gustav Klimt

Our Tile Art is hand-crafted, painted and kiln fired to insure quality, beauty, and integrity. Our Tile Art will last forever (if not broken) and come with a very glossy, glazed finish. They ship ready to hang or stand (built in stand). The tiles may also easily be used as a traditional building tile. They are the perfect way to brighten up a kitchen back splash or bathroom mosaic, create a beautiful table or tiled floor, or just used for home/business decor! Our products are created through a unique process called tube-lining. It takes a lot of time and patience, an artist draws many details throughout a blank white-fired tile with special tools loaded with a fluid clay. This placed clay acts as a color barrier that contains the over-glazes painted into the sections. Next the tile is hand-painted with rich colorful glazes that set within the clay lines. At this point, the tile is complete and needs to be kiln fired. We put our tiles through an elaborate kiln fire process. They are cooked then cooled throughout several cycles lasting 24 hours. During this kiln firing process, our kilns reach temperatures of over 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. This creates very detailed lines and preserves the colors to last.

11″ X 14″ Hand Painted Decorative Ceramic Tile Art – Gustav Klimt’s The Kiss