A Battlefield 3 PC Sniper Montage by ZAMANH

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في الاول الف شكر على 2000 مشترك ويعطيكم العافيه وابشروا بالقيف اواي تستاهلون وهاذي هديه صغيره لكم صراحه تعبت حتى طلع بالصوره اتمنى يعجب الجميع وكمان اهديه الى صديقي دنجر والى كلان DS تويتري twitter.com سوولي فولوا يا احبائي البرامج المستخدمه dxtory sony vegas 11 تفاصيل جهازي في القناه

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Call Of The Dead New Sniper Scavenger / Hyena Infra-dead

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Black Ops | Sniper Montage “Solace” | By Phoxine [PC]

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*~~~~~~~~! Thanks for 10K Views! !~~~~~~~~* Solace is a little montage I’ve been working on over the last three days, using all my collected clips from Black Ops so far. I realize the clips and editing are not God-like, but I hope you can enjoy the video, as it has taken very long in total to produce. Songs used: (In order) Digital Summer – Counting The Hours Dead By April – Losing you —– I in no way shape or form claim to own the rights to the music used —– A speciall thanks to these big hairy men: UltimateFagFighter – for the “Solace” intro – www.youtube.com DJ Azzax – the friendly neighborhood editor – www.youtube.com and Cookie, for his incredibly hot sister… :) THANKS FOR WATCHING! :D

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Sniper FFA Comeback – Powered by Evil Controllers

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Just a little video I got 10 minutes ago. Hope you guys enjoy! www.youtube.com www.twitter.com facebook.com

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